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I wanted to write a nice piece about the Zeroday opening, but I realized very quickly that it had already been said by the initial announcement of the opening from Stouts and Stillettos (Stouts and Stilettos Anouncement), Sara Bozich (Sara Bozich Zeroday Preview), and a variety of other news outlets. I instead wanted to focus on an event that we are very much looking forward to: Harrisburg Beer Week and the event at Zeroday Brewing, the Saison 28 release. The event takes place on April 28th and what’s better, the event is after the premiere of Brewed in the Burg, a documentary made by GK Visual with the help of many people in the craft beer community like the aforementioned Bozich and our friend Tierney Pomone, as well as our owner Bart Kaminski.

I had a wonderful opportunity to interview Tierney for this piece, where we talk Harrisburg Beer Week, the Zeroday grand opening and Saison 28 release, and Brewed in the Burg.

Harrisburg Beer Week was the brainchild of a group of craft beer connoisseurs in their own right. According to Pomone, “ A little over two years ago, I was really inspired by all the beer weeks happening around me, especially Philly’s since they were the first. I love Pennsylvania, as well as the city of Harrisburg and felt as if we deserved our own beer week. I let the idea simmer for a while and then approached my Stouts and Stilettos team as well as Sara Bozich around this time last year to see if they were willing to get on board and embark on this journey with me. Thankfully, they were all in, and here we are!”

Hop Hedz Gear will also be involved, as we are proud to be a Silver Sponsor and happily support the Harrisburg Beer Week crew in any way we can. Look for us at several of the premier Harrisburg Beer week events, selling our wares as well as the marvelous I Hop Harrisburg shirt and other Harrisburg Beer week items.

Another fantastic edition to Harrisburg Beer Week is the feature presentation “Brewed in the Burg”, a documentary feature from GK Visual featuring Sara Bozich and visits to several of Harrisburg’s craft breweries. This feature will premiere at the Midtown Cinema, Tuesday, April 28th. Much of the content has been kept under wraps, but we can confirm a trip to the Troegs Brewery, a segment from Zeroday Brewing, and owner Bart Kaminski, who was interviewed for the piece. Pomone commented, “They’ve been travelling all over the Greater Harrisburg Area interviewing brewers, home brewers, sales reps, bar owners, craft beer enthusiasts, and us ladies at Stouts and Stilettos. From what I’ve seen based on the trailer alone, this is definitely a don’t-want-to-miss creation. I can’t wait to watch it in full, April 28th, followed by the Saison 28 release.”

Immediately after this film, next door Zeroday will have their Saison 28 release party. Zeroday opened recently with a huge fan fare, including a ribbon cutting courteousy of Eric Papenfuse. Paperfuse declared April 8th Zeroday Appreciation Day in Harrisburg. If you haven’t had the opportunity to stop by, make sure to take the trip.

No one is more excited about the Saison release than Tierney. She actually got to help brew her own “birthday beer”. She said: “This weekend I will be helping with the brewing process. Theo and I sat down last month and talked about what I wanted the beer to taste like. Describing something you’re thinking of in terms another can understand in order to execute the same product is pretty difficult. I kept telling him ‘I want it to be a hoppy saison’ and he kept telling me ‘I get that, but what specifically do you want it to taste like?’ We read through hop profiles and yeast outcomes for about an hour trying to pin point exactly what it was that I had in mind. Saison 28 will actually feature Pacific Gem hops from New Zealand which were chosen for their flavor and aroma. Fun fact: they also debuted the year I was born so it really was meant to be.” I asked her about the significance of the title, Saison 28: "Theo (of Zeroday Brewing) and I have been making my birthday saison together for the past few years. Now, I get to brew it on the big system and officially share it with all of you. Each year this brew has been the same basic base beer, but with a different twist. 26 was sweeter with a pile of orange blossom honey and 27 featured unlabeled mystery hops. 28, well that just happens to be how old I am now, and it will be a hoppy saison."

Hop Hedz Gear is lucky enough to have some fantastic friends, from Sara Bozich to Nate Kresge at GK Visual, to Theo and Brandalynn at Zeroday, to all of the ladies from Stouts and Stillettos. We thank Tierney for allowing us to interview her for this piece. Below we have included a brief segment of further information on Harrisburg Beer Week as well as links to all of these fine people’s websites.

Harrisburg Beer Week:
Zeroday Brewing:
GK Visual:
Stouts and Stillettos:

More information about Harrisburg Beer Week:
There are 100+ events on the schedule for Harrisburg Beer Week so there really is something for everyone. We have the typical beer week events like tap takeovers, firkins, keep the glass night, meet the brewer night etc. but there are also some very unique events as well. HYP is hosting a Craft Beer 101 event on 4/29 with The Brewery at Hershey offering an educational seminar on all things craft beer. Kint is hosting Beer Science educational seminar on 4/28 and 4/29 about proper pouring and glassware, the importance of clean lines, and more. We have Detox/Retox Yoga scheduled at Om My Yoga 5/2 where you’ll do a relaxing yoga session and then enjoy samples of St. Boniface’s beer. There’s a homebrewing competition on 4/26 at Fed Live that is going to be awesome. The Little Big Beer Festival on 5/2 will feature specially made local craft beers including a collaboration between Sara Bozich and Free Will Brewing as well as the Stouts and Stilettos collaboration with Pizza Boy Brewing. I’m particularly proud of the PA Women in Beer Conference on 5/1 featuring a panel of 4 women who either own or work at a Pennsylvania brewery. Finally, the (717) Collaboration Ale– For the first time ever ABC, Troegs, and Pizza Boy Brewing have come together to brew. THAT is awesome!

Written by Paul Miller, Marketing Director of Hop Hedz Gear

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