Help Support Poured in PA by Having a Pint of Apriture

By Paul Miller
Marketing Director, Hop Hedz Gear

Hop Hedz Gear is honored to support our friends at Poured in PA, an upcoming documentary from GK Visual that expands on their film, Brewed in the Burg.  Haven’t seen Brewed in the Burg?  Stop what you are doing now and watch it here!

Apriture Saison by Poured in PA and Boneshire Brew Works

In Poured in PA, the GK Visual crew continues their quest to educate and entertain craft beer fans by providing unique perspective on the craft beer scene in the state of Pennsylvania.  As the Poured in PA crew notes, “Poured in Pennsylvania will follow our Commonwealth's storied beer past, delve into recent growth, and aim to capture the full story of the beer industry in the Keystone state.”

 Something unique that the gang did this time was to brew a beer to help support their cause, because being on the road can get expensive in a hurry.  During the fall, the entire team journeyed to Boneshire Brew Works in Harrisburg and assisted in the brewing of a special beer, an apricot saison called Apriture. The beer checks in at 6.8% and has received solid scores on Untapped.  They even got some fantastic photos from the brew day at their website.

According to GK Visual Founder Nate Kresge, “The guys at Boneshire have been really supportive of us all along the way. When they suggested the idea of brewing a beer together we jumped at it. It was their idea and a very generous one as they are donating all the proceeds to helping us finish this film.”

And that is one of the most important things about the craft beer scene, the willingness to help others that are trying to do something unique, potentially groundbreaking, and artistic.  Craft brewers have left a legacy over the years that include paying it forward, something that many established craft brewers take great pride in and something that start-ups do not quickly forget.

Apriture Saison Label

The Poured in PA crew had a fair amount of creative direction when it came time to plan out the beer.  Kresge notes, “We met with Alan and discussed options. A saison of some sort seemed to resonate with us all. We wrestled with what fruit to add and landed on apricot. I think it adds a great note to the finished beer.” 

The most interesting thing about this brew is that every time you enjoy a fresh pint, you know that you are continuing to support local artists.  While the craft beer scene is full of amazingly talented brewers that unveil their art each and every day, GK Visual is a diamond in the rough, producing intriguing stories that continue to promote and support local businesses.  

Are you dying to try this fantastic beer?  You can stop by Boneshire Brew Works at 7462 Derry Street in Harrisburg and try a pint and grab a bottle for the road.  You can also stop by Al of Hampden/Pizza Boy Brewing in Enola and Midtown Tavern in Harrisburg and grab a pint while supplies last.

The crew is interested in other future brewing opportunities and has had a few breweries reach out in support.  While nothing is set in stone at the time of this writing, we at Hop Hedz Gear certainly hope to try another Poured in PA beer in the near future.

The film release is highly anticipated and is slated to be released in April.  The goal is “to screen it during Harrisburg Beer Week and possibly even during Pittsburgh and Philly Beer Weeks. After that we hope to get the film into local theaters and breweries across Pennsylvania.”

Want to help the crew in other ways?  Stop out to any Hop Hedz Gear show between now and Harrisburg Beer Week and pick up your very own Poured in PA shirt, with proceeds going to the film.

Check out more about the Poured in PA film by checking out the links below.
Poured in PA Promo Video
Poured in PA Trailer

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