Molly Pitcher Brewing Company

As part of what we do at Hop Hedz Official Gear, we will be featuring a blog about the craft beer scene in the central Pennsylvania area and in surrounding regions. As our first feature, Marketing Director Paul Miller had the opportunity to interview Operations Manager Mike Moll at the forthcoming Molly Pitcher Brewing Co. in Carlisle, PA.

Molly Pitcher Brewery is a brand-new establishment based in Carlisle, just a brief walk from the square. The town has seen fantastic growth as far as nightlife in concerned over the past few years. Mainstays like the Gingerbread Man and Scales have expanded their craft beer offerings due to demand for the product. In addition to that, recent years have brought a new “food and beverage renaissance” with establishments like Cafe Bruges and Helena’s Craperie to the downtown Carlisle area. The one thing still lacking in the area is a brewpub. According to Moll, “One of our main goals in opening a brewery in this area was to have it be located in Downtown Carlisle for this very reason. There is only one other Microbrewery within a 15 mile radius, and with the craft beer drinking population growing so rapidly, we felt Carlisle was in need of a destination brewery.”

Molly Pitcher Brewing Company

The first test that any new business must pass to be successful is location. Moll feels that the lack of many breweries in town is going to make this venture much easier, especially because Carlisle is a craft beer town. For anyone that has visited the Molly Pitcher Brewing Co. website,, you may notice that the brewery is in a quite small space. One would wonder if that could be a good situation for business, especially because people may be turned off if they go to the establishment a few times and are turned away. Moll was quick to clarify something when I asked this question. “Molly Pitcher Brewing will be a production brewery, initially self-distributing, to other local bars and restaurants. Our tasting room will have full pint and growler service with a light food menu, however we will not have full ‘bar’ hours.” Basically, the priority will be making the product in this space, not as much focusing on the front of the house. That being said, Moll also mentioned that there will be a 32 seat tasting room, offering growler fills and sampler trays for their product.

There is a growing sentiment in the craft beer community that craft beer fans may be getting too much of a good thing. In researching this piece, I found many articles that feel the same way (Time Magazine) and (Breaking Brews). Which brought me to my next question to Moll: What will Molly Pitcher Brewing Co. do to set themselves apart from others? “Our beer recipes focus on traditional beer styles, what many consider session beers. We offer 10 standard recipes that we feel offer something for everyone from our light, refreshing Kolsch to a higher ABV Stout. We also consider ourselves ‘malt-heads’ in a beer world where hops are the current trend. We will also have special release small-batch brews only available in the taproom as often as possible.” I really like this concept, as Moll points out, many breweries are focused on the hops. The fact is (and I comment I hear repeatedly by craft beer drinkers) not all beer drinkers like hops!

Hop Hedz couldn’t be happier in supporting a great group of gentlemen that strive to make a successful small business in our region. According to Moll, the brewery plans to open by late October. Hop Hedz is currently in the works for being a part of the grand opening, so be sure to stay tuned to our (and Molly Pitcher’s) social media channels for the definite opening date. We wish Molly Pitcher Brewing the best of luck in their new endeavor!

The Molly Pitcher Brewing Co. is located at 10 E. South Street (map it) just a short walk from the Historic Square in Carlisle. They have a fantastic social media presence that can be found on both Facebook ( and Twitter (@mpbrewing), as well as online at

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