10th Annual Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival

Hop Hedz Gear is unbelievably excited to have the opportunity to be a vendor at the 10th Annual Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival, to take place Friday, March 20 and Saturday, March 21 at the Atlantic City Convention Center. The event will have three sessions and will feature national recording artists Taking Back Sunday (Friday Night Session), Lucero (Saturday afternoon session) and Everclear (Saturday Night Session). In addition to the fantastic music line-up, the event will feature a who’s who of craft brewers. Take a look at the breweries that will be in attendance: http://www.acbeerfest.com/brewers.aspx All in all, the event will have 150 breweries and over 1000 unique beers!

We had the opportunity to sit down with the producer of the festival, Jon Henderson, as he discusses some of the behind the scenes happenings at this year’s event.

Paul: Are you surprised by how successful the festival has become?

Jon Henderson: Yes and no. When we first started the festival 10 years ago we were told it wouldn’t take off and look at it now. We put a lot of love and work into it. We knew we had a hit, we just didn’t know it was a home run.

Paul: What was your inspiration in starting the festival 10 years ago?

Jon Henderson: We wanted to introduce the New Jersey market to the world of craft beer and the people that create it.

Paul: This is a great point. When you started the festival, events such as this were in their infancy. I feel that your festival was sort of the gateway that allowed some of these other festivals to be successful. What makes the AC Beer Fest different from other beer festivals?

Jon Henderson: Our festival is different because of the experience and attention to detail. We don’t want people to plan on coming and just drinking we want to educate and entertain as well. We have some of the best national acts this year that we’ve ever had as well as many other festivities at the event. (For more information about these festivities, go here: http://www.acbeerfest.com/fun_stuff.aspx) Beyond this, I can say that we have lots of surprises, new entertainment, interactive programming as well as a ton of new brews.

Paul: Is there anything that I can communicate with our fans about that may not be on the website?

Jon Henderson: If they haven’t been to the Atlantic City Beer and Music Fest but been to others they are in for a real treat. Not only do we have one of the most comprehensive lists of breweries, we have things that other festivals just don’t offer. I do have a tip for new patrons: Always create a list of beers you haven’t tried before and go for those first. That way, you’ll be guaranteed those samples.

Paul: Thank you so much for your time Jon. We at Hop Hedz Gear are so excited to be a part of the festival and wish you continued success.

On a side note, as someone who has been the festival several times, I must say that this is without question the best beer festival in the region. Consider going with a group of friends because I promise that you won’t be disappointed. We at Hop Hedz Gear hope to see you in Atlantic City on March 20 and 21!

Be sure to follow the Atlantic City Beer Festival on Twitter (@ACBeerfest) and their official site with tons of information about the fest: http://www.acbeerfest.com

Blog written by Paul Miller, Director of Marketing at Hop Hedz Gear

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